Roz Evans | Women In Science Film
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Women In Science Film

We were tasked with making a video to explain the importance of the Athena SWAN project to leading staff and academics at the University of Exeter, to help the University achieve a silver or gold award from the project.

In the science sector’s top academic position, there are very few women. Even though at the University of Exeter we start out with more women than men doing undergraduate degrees, this soon drops off as you move up the academic scale.

Why? In a way, nobody knows. However some of the reasons may include insecurities, lack of appropriate childcare, and inherent gender biases amongst us all. In a recent study, employers were asked to grade CVs without knowing the name, and then with the name. Employers graded women significantly lower than men, and it wasn’t because of their skills, the names had been mixed up on all of the CVs. So the biases are there, we just need to admit to them and do something about them.

For the film, I was involved in the ideas and story board stages, as well as filming and feedback sessions during editing.


March 27, 2015